Your Swiss Pocketknife

Recognized for a quarter of a century for advising, defending and strategizing for our clients, we accompany you in Switzerland and from Switzerland to the world. We defend your interests as an individual or as a company.
Our specialized team will meet your expectations in the areas of legal and tax matters, VAT, asset management, inheritance, donations and succession, business and commercial law, compliance and many other areas.

We are your Swiss legal and pocketknife!

Typhanie Afschrift
Senior Partner
Lawyer at the Bar of Geneva and Fribourg

A specialized and versatile tea

What appeals to our clients at Afschrift Tax & Legal is the personalized relationship, the quality advice, and the innovation that we bring to them. Our lawyers are versatile and masterful in all the aspects of the law in order to bring you a pragmatic answer and a help to the decision.

Your lawyer: your privileged partner

Like a private banker, we are your “private lawyer”. The relationship between our lawyers and you is based on a lasting personal relationship. This relationship is based on mutual trust and is strengthened over time as we get to know your specific case and your general needs. We are your “Trusted Advisor” in legal, judicial and tax matters, as we have a comprehensive view of your situation and your assets.

Our lawyers are advisors and litigators

This gives you twice the advantage. We cement the legal security of your operations and maximize your chances. In the event of arbitration or litigation, we are equipped to ensure that you emerge unscathed as much as possible.

Our lawyers in Switzerland

We advise both Swiss clients in the Swiss Confederation and in their business abroad and foreign clients in their business in Switzerland. Admitted to the Bars of Brussels, Antwerp, Luxembourg and Madrid, and a foreign lawyer in Hong Kong, Mr. AFSCHRIFT is a member of the Bars of Fribourg and Geneva since 1995. Our offices in these two cities bring together lawyers who advise our clients in all matters of taxation, business structuring and wealth planning.

Afschrift Tax & Legal abroad

Aware of the increasing internationalization of our clients’ private and professional activities and of the complexity of the tax aspects of these activities, our firm ensures a presence in the most important countries for our clients. That is why Afschrift Tax & Legal has had offices in Brussels, Antwerp, Madrid, Geneva, Freiburg, Luxembourg, Tel Aviv and Hong Kong for many years. The lawyers who work there can meet with the clients who wish to do so, whether they are foreigners or residents of these countries.

AFSCHRIFT strong in the international market

In addition to our own offices in the key jurisdictions for your business, we have established a pre-tested network of lawyers and tax specialists with whom we correspond worldwide. In particular, we have an Israeli office.

Our Offices

AFSCHRIFT Awards Recognized

AFSCHRIFT Tax & Legal has been recognized by international and local awards. We are regularly recognized as a “Best Tax Law Firm” and are included in the most prestigious panels. Our Swiss offices have received dozens of awards in the field of tax law and financial criminal law. The same is true for our foreign offices.

  • Gamechangers (ACQS) Global Awards 2021,
  • Worldwide Financial Advisor Awards Magazine Leading Lawyers Worldwide 2021,
  • Corporate Inti Magazine Global Awards 2021,
  • Global Law Experts Annual 2021 Awards,
  • Worldwide Financial Advisor Awards Magazine,
  • « Superior Lawyers 2021 ».

Our group of law firms has appeared in the World Finance 100 list almost every year for the past 10 years.

Afschrift and the Bears

Strength and Bravery

The bear is the symbol of our vision of the tax lawyer profession for its strength, bravery and benevolent image. The bear is a powerful animal, relentless in its defense of its cubs and territory against intruders. Our role as tax lawyers is to defend our clients and protect their assets against the state and third parties. We devote the same strength and energy to this task as a bear defending her cubs.


Gentleness and Caring

The lawyer is there to guide and advise his clients in order to enable them to manage their assets and their professional activities. We accompany our clients with the same attention as the bear watching over her cubs’ first steps.


Finally, the teddy bear is the child’s first confidant, the one who never reveals his secrets. Our customers also agree to reveal certain details of their private life so that we can guide them in the best possible way. We guarantee the absolute protection of these confidences.

Protection of Bears

We act concretely for the defense of the bears, that is why we support associations protecting the bears in France and in Spain.