Our Geneva office has a specialized team capable of providing all the services of a multi-family office.

Our services

Our multi-family office provides all types of services for individuals or families, established in Switzerland or abroad:

  • classic services of a lawyer advising in tax law, but also in civil, commercial and administrative law
  • tax advice for individuals and companies
  • structures of a family group
  • legal monitoring of the needs of companies and individuals
  • choice of tax residence for individuals and companies
  • advice on the organization of assets, matrimony and inheritance.

In Switzerland and abroad

Like any family office, we also take care of the follow-up of our advice, in Switzerland and abroad:

  • obtaining residence permits
  • negotiation of tax agreements (e.g. lump sum payments in Switzerland) and other rulings
  • operation of companies (holding of meetings; preparation of notarial deeds)
  • preparation and defense of cases before the market authorities
  • control of the bookkeeping
  • tax returns and follow-up of tax audits

Advice and assistance

Depending on the case, we can also assist families in the acquisition or sale of residences in Switzerland or abroad or in the control and assessment of the persons in charge of the asset management (always independent of our firm) or of the banks. We can also advise people who wish to do so in the organization of their assets for retirement, the acquisition of secondary residences in Switzerland or abroad, life insurance…

Why a family office in Switzerland?

Discretion and professional secrecy

Despite the near disappearance of banking secrecy in the field of international taxation, Switzerland remains one of the countries where discretion is best assured. It is undoubtedly the country where the professional secrecy of lawyers is best guaranteed. Even in tax matters, banking secrecy is still protected by law for Swiss taxpayers. And it is fully maintained for non-tax matters, especially in family relationships.

High level of financial services and legal security

Moreover, Switzerland, and in particular the city of Geneva, is endowed with an ideal environment, where the best services in the field of banking and finance in general can be found, as well as legal security that is among the most renowned in the world.
Of course, this does not prevent our family office, managed from Switzerland, from calling upon the services of our lawyers in other countries (Luxembourg, Belgium, Spain, Israel, Hong Kong) or of other lawyers or specialists in other fields in other countries where we have regular correspondents (for example France, United Kingdom, Italy, United States, Russia, China, the Netherlands …).

Why a family office within a law firm?

Most of the functions of a family office have an essential link with the law, in all its components. Our lawyers also have a long experience in banking and financial matters and our firm is well known in the tax field. Our family office department is multi-disciplinary and also includes, within its ranks or through partnership agreements, specialists in non-legal fields, such as accountants, auditors and real estate professionals, both in Switzerland and abroad. Our status as lawyers allows us, thanks to the reinforced professional secrecy of our profession, to guarantee complete confidentiality towards any third party, and if necessary within the families that call upon us.