We limit the financial impact on your patrimony of fiscal and legal changes by anticipating them.

Defining with Afschrift Tax & Legal your strategy as early as possible allows you to decrease your risks and increase your fiscal gain.
By setting up a structure and a strategy that protects your personal assets both civilly and fiscally, we optimize your private wealth.

Create a clear separation between your private and professional assets

We protect the interests of each member of your family, particularly in the case of blended families or successive marriages. We organize the transfer of your business to your heirs to ensure its continuity and avoid tax costs.

We offer creative solutions to minimize the impact of inheritance taxes when passing on your assets to your heirs. We study how to increase your net income based on your professional activity. These are subject to constant and increasing fiscal and parafiscal pressure. We can act.

Just as a diamond dealer inspects all the facets of a diamond, we optimize your tax situation with legally permitted solutions such as group insurance, benefits in kind, stock options, individual pension commitments, and many other individualized formulas, or the incorporation of a professional company.

You receive solutions for organizing your professional structure in an international context.

In all cases we will work with you to find a tax-efficient and reassuring solution in the civil area. In the context of your succession planning, the solutions found to minimize the duties owed to the administration must be staggered in order to be maximized at the appropriate time.

These strategies can be achieved through simple operations, such as donations, or through more sophisticated techniques, such as the creation of foundations or other Swiss or foreign entities. At your request, we can provide a “tax watch” and warn you of legislative changes that threaten your wealth organization.

We work in the following areas :

  • PPI
  • Wealth planning
  • Matrimonial regimes & marriage contracts
  • Estate planning
  • Wills & inheritance agreements
  • Real estate transfer
  • Transfer of companies
  • Donations (with encumbrance, reservation of usufruct or quasi-usufruct)
  • Relocation
  • Certification of securities
  • Insurance contracts
  • Succession-Liquidation-Division
  • Disputes between heirs
  • Simple companies
  • Foreign structures & Cayman tax
  • Establishment of private foundations
  • Tax rulings

Our analyses take into account the most recent legislation and jurisprudence and always guarantee the legal security of the operation. Anticipation is the key to successful tax optimization.